Athena's Puppies

All pictures are low resolution for easy downloading. If you would like a high resolution picture let us know via e-mail and we will set that up.

Also, do to size/space constraints we will need to start pulling the older videos off the web site. If you would like one of the videos please let us know. For the folks buying a puppy we can furnish a CD with all the videos and high resolution pictures of the puppies.

We are working to get new pictures up as fast as possible, but work and raising puppies keeps slowing us down. Even as I type this Athena is bumping my arm to go play.
Links to:
NEW stuff: September 15th Fall Puppies
Summer Puppies
Older Pictures: 6th week adventures
5 weeks
Closeup Pups
4 weeks
Three Weeks
Two Weeks
One Week
Black Pups
Winston Pics Updated July 3rd
Emmy Pics


Athena at the end of her pregnancy

Athena's fort

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